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tv   Local News at Ten  ABC  February 15, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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against all odas we near the state wrestling tournament, a story of wrestler and coach who've formed a unique bond. local 5 news is next. "you're watching local 5 news at 10 iyour forecast first." brad/wx wall weather adlib: it was nice to see some sunshine this afternoon and milder temperatures! but, here we go again! another "clipper"
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in from our northwest tonight with a mix of rain and snow. it looks like conditions will be mild enough before midnight for mainly rain showers in western iowa. " local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are iowa" stephanie/2shot good evening. i'm stephanie angleson. jack/2shot and i'm jack miller. downtown des moines is looking to host some big events this year. but changes could make it tricky for those looking to use the skywalk system to get around. construction of the convention center hotel has closed down parts of the skywalk until 2018. stephanie: tonight, just days away from the start of the state wrestling tournament...
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construction concerns are going to cost them a lot of money... stephanie: local fives nikki davidson joins us live from downtown with more in tonight's big story. nikki? nikki: right during these cold winter months.... coming down the warm skywalk can be like heaven... but lately... you're going to run alot of this... parts that are blocked off and closed... an inconvience for some... but a lot more for others... we're talking about more than just a closed walkway... the looming threat of closing up shop. buzz (people more like family, kind of routine customer) it's been 15 years since a husband and wife opened up aj's popcorn in the downtown skywalk... and for them its more than just about making money. 5:19:00 this is a biz that got our kids through school, got our kids 5:19:00 this is a biz that got our kids through school, got our kids through college. it wasn't just a business that eh come and go, we're not getting rich... they make enough to get by... keep the life they want... and the state wrestling tournament always brought big crowds -- 3:32:27 this is one of the big parts of the year
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needed during the year we're losing or don't have during the year. this is big for us. but this year it's different... a little of this..and a little of that is what crowds will see near the wells fargo arena... and they won't be able to visit aj's popcorn... unless they brave the cold. 6:02:05 if we don't have the traffic they don't see the business is open and without the traffic we don't have a business. we don't have money. several slots have already closed for good in the kaleiscope area... and with that access cut off during the upcoming ncaa tournament too... many here aren't planning on seeing the economic gains they were told they'd get. 1:05:11 they'll go there and then back to hotels. a lot of money into the downtown... but for us mabye... but not really. but the greater des moines convention and visitors bureau says its better to get this work over and done with. 2:15:16 no time is a good time, let's just get it started. and says despite the heavy construction presence... they don't think it will smear the image of downtown when millions of eyes are on us in march. 3:02:04 go to any major market, see cranes in the sky and street closures. all kinds of stuff and in your mind you are thinking they're building new, mabye they'll come back and check when its done. nikki:
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the convention center hotel... thats expected to have 330 rooms...and open in march 2018... thats when the skywalk will be fully open as well.. parts will be reopening hopefully as soon as april. jack: we want to know what you think? has the skywalk closing affected your daily routine? are you worried about navigating big events downtown without it? jack: let us know, we may use your comments on-air. you can post you thoughts on twitter and facebook. or send us an email or give us a call . the contact information is on your screen. stephanie/2wxc: no skywalks this week could mean a lot more people facing the cold to walk downtown. but, brad there's a warm up in our future, right? brad: yes, but not before another chance of snow
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it was nice to see some sunshine this afternoon and milder temperatures! but, here we go again! another "clipper" system will be cruising in from our northwest tonight with a mix of rain and snow. it looks like conditions will be mild enough before midnight for mainly rain showers in western iowa. most of our precipitation in the metro will like come after midnight and start off as rain then mix and change over to snow by morning. brad: i'll have more on just how warm we'll get this weekend in your full forecast, we'll get this weekend in your full forecast, later in the show. thanks brad. latest conditions right outside your the local 5 app, our interactive radar gives you conditions are. jack: the capitol -- another attempt by some to stop the
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democratic leaders say if you're confused, scared, and wondering how you or your family's care will be affected, contact your legislator and let them know. "janet petersen 56:22 many legislators don't have a personal connection. we need to hear from you. jack: while the iowa senate passed a bill to stop the transition to managed care, it probably won't even make it to the debate floor in the republican-led house. still, that's not stopping a democrat in the house from trying to get his own bill through. art staed 59:58 i filed a bill more than a week ago to do the same thing the senate has, that hasn't been taken up. that's really problematic. jack: governor branstad is certain his plan will work, his office saying quote: "we will continue to move forward in securing cms approval for implementing our plan." jack: also at the statehouse tonight, an anti- concussion bill that would require iowa schools
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athletic trainer at all football, soccer, and wrestling events. the bill passed the senate education subcommittee today. senators had plenty to say on the topic of athletic trainers and high schools paying to provide them. "mr. chair, the goal of this bill is to increase quality of injury assessment by using professional medical providors to decrease the number of life long debilitating injuries. " jack: the bill now heads to a full senate committee. we'll be following this bill as it travels through the statehouse. stephanie: the battle is on to replace justice antonin scalia, after the supreme court judge died this weekend. less than an hour after scalia's death was announced, the political jockeying began. president obama says he will nominate a replacement and when he does, he expects the senate to fulfill its constitutional duty (pres. obama) "these are responsibilities that i take seriously, as should everyone. they're bigger than any one party. they are about our democracy."
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the topic is a hot button issue on the campaign trail--all the republican presidential candidates say they will not vote for obama's choice. but senator lindsay graham says he will vote based on the candidate. "sot - sen. lindsay graham / (r) south carolina "when an election is over, the president wins, they have a chance to send qualified nominees of their philosophy to the senate and i will vote for them if they're qualified even if i would not have chose them." stephanie: ted cruz said he would be willing to filibuster an obama appointee. the u-s senate, which must approve the nominee, is in recess, so don't expect a possible appointment from the president until at least the senators return later this month. stephanie: meanwhile, a short list of candidates has surfaced, on that list, a name iowans may be familiar with. judge jane kelly is a circuit judge for the 8th circuit cour of appelas, and a former public defender in cedar rapids. the senate unanimously confirmed her for her position back in 2013. jack: coming up on local 5 news at 10... a coach
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now he's helping one of his same. " i just want to show what...obstacles in your life, you can jack: weren't tough enough, we'll athlete and a coach who've than most. stephanie: and... riots... now isu faculty are trying to save one of veisha's traditions. ((ad lib weather toss)) morning iowa... person, it may be a good day to do them a favor... we'll explain why tuesday marks an unusual holiday for and sam has a look at your forecast ((:04 wx ad-lib)) that's tomorrow on the all-new good morning iowa! "your watching local 5 news at 10 in hd with angleson, we are
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meteorologist brad edwards and local 5 sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 10. we are iowa." stephanie: welcome back, weather. adlibs weather brad: weather. jack: adlibs weather toss to brad brad: adlibs intro into weather
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brad: let's take a look at we are iowa's most accurate forecast. brad: weather adlib-brad tosses from the wall to the desk: it was nice to see some sunshine this afternoon and milder temperatures! but, here we go again! another "clipper" system will be cruising in from our northwest tonight with a mix of rain and snow. it looks like conditions will be mild enough before midnight for mainly rain showers in western iowa. most of our precipitation in the metro will like come after midnight and start off as rain then mix and change over to snow by morning. it looks like some areas could get 1-2" of wet snow by 7 am tuesday morning in central iowa. temperatures will relatively mild overnight with above freezing temps expected most of the night and a low around 30 as we head into tuesday. the am snow will move out pretty quickly tuesday morning, but the clouds will linger into the afternoon as temps stay pretty stead in the low to mid 30s. wednesday will
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mostly cloudy day with close to average in however, a big warm-up thursday with stronger southeasterly winds easily reach the 40s and probably some 50s in southern iowa where there is very little or no snow on warming trend should carry right into the weekend! jack/2ram: the state
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kicks off wednesday here in the metro -- starting with state duels. tonight, a great story about of how two wrestlers stared death in the face and won. stephanie: local 5's alex walker shares the special connection between two members of the northwestern wrestling program in orange city. and how, despite overwhelming odds, their journey continues on the mats. nat hit "keep pushing guys! get it going...get it going." kolton kersten is a first year-assistant wrestling coach at northwestern college..... nat hit a piece of advice on techinique there....nat....that's kolton's life now.....but what about his life....then? transition kolton kersten was an all-american for iowa central back in 2012....he then transfered to
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high as second during the 2012-13 season....... "i felt like i was going to be unstoppable really, and i was training that way too. and there was nothing that was going to stop me from being the national champ that year...and then things just came to a halt." on june 6th, 2013....kolton developed a deadly infection..... "once bacterial meningitis gets in your system it kills you within 24 hours." and just like that, he was off to the hospital....fighting for his life... "everybody was freaking out, they brought the priest in, and they gave me my last rites....they basically threw their hands up and said there is nothing we can do for him anymore. i was in so much pain...that there was a given point in time...where i didn't think i wanted to live anymore." but a message from his coach at midland pushed him through.... "no matter how long the recovery is...we are expecting you to come back and make one last run to be a national champ." the message worked. kolton beat the odds and defied for that comeback? he finished third at nationals in 2014....earning all-
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second time... transitionwhich brings us back to northwestern... pop it, pop it...pop that knee."that's kolton in action..........." coaching preston hoebelheinrich....of rock valley. their bond between coach and wrestler runs deeper than most........ rik dahl, northwestern wrestling coach: "these guys are drawn together because of adversity they have overcome." just like his coach, preston nearly died from bacterial meningitis...... preston: "one october day, i got really, really sick." and within a few hours....the deadly infection took six years old, but like kolton....... he perservered... "i just want to show people that no matter what...obstacles in your life, you can kolton kersten:"i had a am sure he had a slim chance too and the fact that we are on the same team and i am able pretty crazy, almost surreal." destiny brought these two together.. "dahl: ways." ....and like kolton's coach did for him back at
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n now pushes preston to be the best....... preston: "man....i am just hoping all the hard work he is putting in pays off..." in has been....nat hit from the sioux city open.....preston won a 4-0 decision in the opening round.....finishing fourth overall......(nat hit) as for the rest of the season...... the sky's the limit....with kolton and preston a team... rik dahl: i think those two being here at the same time, pouring into each other's lives.....has been a huge blessing." jack: preston has a big meet this weekend and hopes it will take him to nationals just like his coach. stephanie: a great way to insipre the boys and girls headed to the iowa events center this week for state. still to come on local 5 news at 10....
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local 5 news at ten, riots may have shut veisha down. but of the ceelbration's most iconic traditions made a comeback. stephanie: welcome back, today in court....
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stephanie/ram: the bus driver accused of hitting and killing an iowa state student plead not guilty to the charges benjamin clague was arrested january 20th after survelliance video inside his cy-ride bus suggested he hit i-s-u freshman emmalee jacobs back in december. a criminal complaint showed, clague had heard a thud but kept going and told a friend later that he was the one that hit jacobs. clague's jury trial is set for april 5. stephanie: urbandale police have identified the officers involved in a deadly shooting over the weekend. they include 20 year veteran sergeant jeff casey, and two rookie officers. all three are on paid leave for now, while the shooting is investigated. the person they shot and killed is ali yahia from
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it started as a drug call, around 4 a-m saturday at the holiday inn on merle hay road. the officers met a group of people in the lobby, then ended up firing at yahia when they say he shot at them. none of the officers were hurt. jack: nearly two years after the veishea riots, students and faculty are still trying to find a replacement celebration. the 97 year old tradition of cherry pies made a comeback today. students are expected to sell 16-hundred pies this year -- but that's down 12 thousand from two years ago. and it means 25- thousand dollars less for scholarship fundraising. students, faculty and the community are planning smaller, spread out events instead of one big one. and that's splitting the opinions of students on campus. "i think its great we're trying to bring back the little things they were so iconic to veiseha" jack:
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events on the day of the spring football game. there may be a concert that night as well. but for now, many of the events are up in the air. stephanie: 2-thousand points and a chance to pass fred hoiberg... jordan: just another week for georges niang right? a big chance to make history tomorrow night coming up on local 5 sports, hear from monte morris and head coach steve prohm as their senior leader goes after two special marks
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jordan: georges niang will go down as one of the greatest in iowa state history. that's not my opinion, that's a fact. niang enters the week with 1,990 career points. 4 more points and he'll pass former coach fred hoiberg for 3rd on the all- time isu scoring list. after that, 6 more points and he becomes just the 3rd cyclone to ever reach 2,000 points. "ya i think it's big time, that just shows you the work ethic that kid has. his work ethic drives me. the first day i got on campus i saw how he works and i'm starting to follow suit so like i said, he's a great player, that's a bad man right there." "to score 2000 points i think it'll be the 2nd one i've ever coached to score 2000, isaiah canaan scored 2000 at murray in four years and now georges is another unbelievable 4 year all-american player. and to score 2000 points in college basketball is a remarkable acheivement, there's
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the what 3rd leading scorer and pass coach hoiberg you know both of those guys, what they did for this school is incredible." "to have your name next to someone that means so much to you and has done so much in his life and for this program that's really cool. coach hoiberg was great to me, gave me an opportunity to be successful and for that i can't thank him enough. i think it's pretty cool to be mentioned in the same sentence as him, i think that's extremely cool and that's a blessing. "i'm sure he'll shoot fred a text after the game, hopefully it's after a win, he can shoot fred a text and say 'sorry to pass you." "ha! i don't know he's still a lot better than i am. i don't know if i can ever scratch the surface of him, but if you guys want me to give you some line, i'm sure it'll be real cool, some bragging rights, right? niang will get a
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grand tomorrow night in waco. cyclones face #25 baylor at 8 pm on espn2. a pair of cyclones picked up big 12 honors. deonte burton earned his third big 12 newcomer award this year on the men's side and on the ladies side, bridget carleton was named big 12 freshman of the week for a school record- tying fifth time and 3rd in the last 4 weeks! carleton set a freshman boards last week versus tcu. big 12 freshman in points and rebounds and according to her coach is a shoe in year. "if she's not freshman of the year in the big 12, there's something wrong, i'm sorry. the thing about it is is that doesn't have i think she's had a phenomenal freshman season and one that i think our fans are enjoying and hopefully she can continue to get
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iowa women trying to snap a three game skid taking on rachel banham and minnesota. banham tied an ncaa single record with 60 hawkeyes up as 2nd half. but here come the gophers. banham steps the three. minnesota would go up 5. but the hawks answer. 10 seconds to go now, iowa down ally disterhoft hawks up 1.... for the gophers. win.... she finished with 35 points, moving into the 2nd place on the big ten's career place on the big ten's career scoring list. 78-76 iowa falls in a heartbreaker jordan/3shot we'll be right back... brad: weather adlib: it was nice to see some sunshine this afternoon and milder
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